• Director: Prof. Yoshinori TATEMATSU
  • Vice Director: Prof. Yutaka FUJII

Research groups of FIR UF

Core Research Division

Group for Development of fundamental far-infrared technologies

Prof. Yoshinori TATEMATSU,
Senior Assistant Prof. Masafumi FUKUNARI

  • Development of high-power far-infrared radiation sources
  • Research into the high-efficiency, high-stability, and high-frequency operation of gyrotrons

Group for Applications of THz technologies for research in materials science and sensing

Prof. Masahiko TANI, Associate Prof. Takayuki MAKINO,
Senior Assistant Prof. Takashi FURUYA

  • Development and application of novel THz-wave emitters and detectors
  • THz optical and spectroscopic research using broadband THz waves
  • Investigation on photodynamics on renewable-energy-science-related materials by using ultra-fast lasers
Masahiko TANI
Takayuki MAKINO
Takashi FURUYA

Group for Low-temperature quantum physics

Prof. Yutaka FUJI, Senior Assistant Prof. Yuya ISHIKAWA,
Specially Appointed Assistant Prof. Dr. Kohei NAKAGAWA

  • Electron spin resonance spectroscopy in the submillimeter wave region
  • Millimeter and submillimeter wave material processing
  • Development and application of dynamic nuclear polarizationenhanced nuclear magnetic resonance (DNP-NMR)
Yutaka FUJII

International Research Division

Associate Prof. Yuusuke YAMAGUCHI,
Associate Prof. Mary Clare Sison ESCANO,
Specially Appointed Associate Prof. La Agusu,
Specially Appointed Assistant Prof. Hideaki KITAHARA
In addition, several foreign researchers are employed as “Specially Appointed Professors” under the Cross-Appointment System or the Researcher Invitation System.

  • Development of high-power THz-wave radiation sources: the Gyrotron FU CW Series
  • Development of new THz technologies through international collaborations
Mary Clare Sison ESCANO

Visiting Professor’s Division

Domestic visitor / Research adviser

Leading researchers in Japan are invited as Visiting Professors and research advisers.

  • Applications of high-power THz waves
  • Development and applications of novel THz time-domain spectroscopy (TDS)
  • Evaluation of hyperthermia effect induced by irradiation of electromagnetic wave
  • Effect of electromagnetic wave irradiation on biological objects and molecules

Cooperative Research Division

Material physics in the far-infrared region

Prof. Seitaro MITSUDO, Associate Prof. Takayuki ASANO

  • Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy in the submillimeter wavelength range
  • Studies of the optical properties of nitride semiconductors using broadband spectroscopy in the far infrared to vacuum ultraviolet range

Spectroscopy and sensing / THz spectroscopy / Millimeter wave communications /

Prof. Kazuyoshi KURIHARA /
Prof. Kohji YAMAMOTO, Associate Prof. Takeshi MORIYASU /
Prof. Mitoshi FUJIMOTO /

  • Application study of plasmonics to terahertz spectroscopy
  • Study on propagation of terahertz pulse in photoexcited semiconductors
  • Study on high performance millimeter wave antennas
  • Study on material science by THz spectroscopy

Materials evaluation in the far-infrared region

Prof. Tomomi HONDA

  • Mechanical characterization of high-quality ceramics
  • Surface characterization of new materials formed using high-power far-infrared technology

Biological application of far-infrared technologies

Prof. Masaya OKI, Yoshiyuki KONISHI
Associate Prof. Yu SUZUKI

  • Effect of electromagnetic wave irradiation on biological objects

Research support organization

  • Technical staff: Mr. Eiichi KOBAYASHI, Masashi TOZAWA
  • Cryogen supply section: Prof. Yutaka FUJI(section head)
  • Secretaries: Ms. Miyuki MORITO, Ms. Yoriko KUWASHIMA, Ms. Asami YAMADA, Division of Research Promotion, Department for Strategic Planning & Promotion