Far-infrared molecular laser
Multi-frequency gyrotron with internal mode converter (Gyrotron FU CW GV)
28-GHz microwave sintering system (Room 101)
THz time-domain spectrometer (Room 405)
THz ESR spectrometer (Room C104)
  • Gyrotron FU CW GI
  • Gyrotron FU CW GIII
  • Gyrotron FU CW GV (Room 203)
  • Gyrotron FU CW GVIB
  • Gyrotron FU CW GVII
  • Gyrotron FU CW VIIB (Pulsed ESR System)
  • Gyrotron FU CW X
  • Gyrotron FU CW CI
  • Gyrotron FU CW CII
  • Pulse gyrotron
  • 15-T helium-free superconducting magnet
  • Far-infrared molecular laser (Room 203)
  • Backward-wave oscillator system
  • Millimeter-wave orotron
  • 28-GHz microwave sintering system (Room 101)
  • 24-GHz microwave sintering system
  • THz time-domain spectrometer (THz-TDS) (Room 405)
  • Regenerative amplifier system of femtosecond pulse laser
  • Atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Cavity dumping system (10-fs pulse)
  • Optical parametric amplifier system of femtosecond pulse laser
  • Self-mode locking system (100-fs pulse)
  • THz ESR spectrometer (consisting of 18T-SCM and MVNA) (Room C104)
  • 18-T superconducting magnet with variable temperature insert or 3He/4He dilution refrigerator (18T-SCM)
  • Millimeter-wave vector network analyzer (MVNA)
  • Electromagnetic-wave anechoic room
  • Submillimeter-wave plasma-scattering system

: indicates an apparatus shown in the pictures

1. Gyrotrons

  • Frequency160GHz to 460GHz
  • Output power10W to 1kW (Output power and frequency vary depending on the device. Output may not be possible even within the above ranges)
  • DescriptionThe gyrotron is a vacuum tube device capable of high-power radiation in the millimeter, submillimeter, and terahertz frequency bands.
    Our gyrotrons can produce high-power radiation in the wide frequency range of 160GHz to 460GHz, providing detailed information on the properties and reactions of various materials.

2. Cryogenic millimeter-wave electron spin resonance (ESR) measurement system

  • DescriptionThis instrument is designed to measure electron spin resonance in the millimeter-wave region under cryogenic conditions. It enables detailed analysis of the spin behavior of electrons in materials. A gyrotron can also be used as a radiation source.

3. Millimeter-wave vector network analyzer (MVNA)

  • DescriptionThe MVNA is an advanced tool for measuring signal transfer characteristics and losses in the millimeter-wave region. It is used for detailed analysis of signal variations and characteristics in the frequency band for communications and materials research.

4. Millimeter wave sintering furnace

  • Frequency28GHz 
  • Output power10kW 
  • DescriptionMillimeter wave sintering furnaces are devices that sinter materials at high temperatures by heating with millimeter waves. New materials are synthesized, and their physical properties are investigated using this device.

5. Terahertz time-domain spectroscopy (THz-TDS) system

  • DescriptionThe THz-TDS system is an advanced tool for analyzing the behavior in the terahertz region in materials over time. This enables a detailed understanding of the dynamics and structure of matter.

6. Radio wave darkroom

  • DescriptionThe radio wave darkroom is a facility designed to provide a rigorous experimental environment, free from the effects of external electromagnetic radiation. High-precision radio wave experiments and measurements are possible.

7. Terahertz wave carrier lifetime measurement system 

  • DescriptionThe Terahertz Wave Carrier Lifetime Measurement System is designed to precisely measure carrier lifetimes in the terahertz wave region. It is used to investigate optical processes and material properties.

8. Femtosecond laser system 

  • DescriptionThe Femtosecond laser system generates pulsed lasers of extremely short duration. This device is used to study ultrafast dynamics of materials and nonlinear optical phenomena. 

Examples of use

The above equipment can be used for joint research and shared use of equipment.
For details, please see the pages on Domestic Collaborative Research(Japanese), International research collaborations, Shared Use of Equipment(Japanese), or International Consortium

Electromagnetic wave irradiation experiment on biological materials

  • Equipment used: Gyrotron FU CW GV 
  • Frequency: 265GHz Irradiation power: several 100mW to several 10W 
  • Irradiation conditions: Continuous wave irradiation (several minutes) 
  • Temperature of sample: Room temperature

Millimeter/submillimeter wave band magnetic resonance

  • Equipment: Compact gyrotron, 15T cryogen-free magnet
  • Frequency:  Irradiation power: several 100mW~ several W
  • Irradiation condition: Pulsed wave Irradiated 
  • Temperature of sample : cryogenic

Measurement of complex permittivity in the terahertz band

  • Equipment: THz-TDS system
  • Sample:Alumina